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Revalidation in Wales

What if I can't have my appraisal?

There may be occasions when you are unable to have your appraisal when it is due, this could be for a variety of different reasons such as illness, maternity leave or a sabbatical.  

If you have an appraisal booked with your Appraiser please inform them as soon as you can. In the short term your appraisal meeting could be re-arranged, if a longer term solution is required then you will need to contact your relevant appraisal team, for GPs this would be the Revalidation Support Unit and for other doctors this would be the appraisal team within your Health Board to let them know you can’t engage in the appraisal process currently. 

As a general rule, if you are not currently working you would not be expected to engage in the appraisal process. 

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