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Revalidation in Wales

RO Training and Induction

It is a requirement that all Responsible Officers in Wales undertake an RO training course. It is also recommended that ROs in Wales attend an induction to appraisal and revalidation policies and systems in Wales with the Revalidation Support Unit.

RO training is currently arranged through NHS England.  An RO can request a place of the next training course by contacting

Once a place has been confirmed the RO will receive an e-learning package. The e-learning provides basic information to assist new ROs in understanding the responsibilities of the role and should be undertaken as soon as possible.

The one and a half day RO training course builds on the e-learning and provides further clarification on the role and an opportunity for discussions and shared learning with other ROs.

Information about the training course and next training dates etc. can be found on the NHS England Responsible officer training and networks website

RO Induction

An introduction to appraisal and revalidation policies, online systems and quality management in Wales can be arranged through the Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) by contacting

The RSU also manages the RO Support Network, Appraisal Leads Network and the Wales Revalidation Appraisal Group.

GMC Employer Liaison Advisor

The ELA supports ROs across the range of GMC functions and responsibilities including fitness to practise (FtP), revalidation, registration, education and standards.

Further information and contact details can be found on the GMC website Outreach - GMC (

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