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Revalidation in Wales

The appraisal meeting

The appraisal meeting date and time are agreed in advance by the appraisee and the Appraiser and the details entered on to MARS.

Appraisal meetings themselves usually last around 90-120 minutes. This does depend on the conversation and the volume of supporting information which needs to be discussed such as revalidation elements, in depth reflection etc. It is important to remember that the appraisal meeting is there for the doctor and their personal and professional development. The Appraiser’s job is to facilitate a discussion of prior achievements and future plans.

The meeting should be organised at a venue and time where there will be no distractions or interruptions, for example not whilst you are on call.

Medical Appraisal Support-kit for Appraisers and Doctors in Wales

The aim of the Toolkit is to provide Appraisers themselves and the Doctors and colleagues they support a central resource. 

Virtual Appraisal

Virtual appraisal continues to be an acceptable option for the appraisal meeting. 

The resource below is available should there be any queries regarding virtual appraisal.

Virtual Appraisal Guidance


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