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Revalidation in Wales

Doctor Resources

The resources for Doctors section provides information and guidance to doctors in order to prepare them for appraisal and revalidation in Wales.

In this section

Overview of appraisal and revalidation

The GMC introduced revalidation in 2012 as a process for all doctors to maintain a license to practice. One of the processes which underpins revalidation is annual appraisal, through which doctors demonstrate they are up to date and fit to practice.

New to working in Wales or medical practice

The Revalidation Wales website contains information on all aspects of appraisal and revalidation which will help support you through this process.

Medical Appraisal Revalidation System (MARS)

The Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) develop and manage a suite of online resources including MARS.

Allocated quarters

An Allocated Quarter (AQ) is the quarter of the year in which you would normally be expected to undertake your appraisal. 

How to prepare for appraisal

Some key principles of appraisal in Wales are:

What to expect from your appraiser

All Appraisers will have completed formal training for the role and undertake ongoing professional development.

Revalidation process: What you need to know

As every doctor is required to maintain a license to practice through the process of revalidation there are some key points to remember to ensure you engage with the process effectively.

Patient and colleague feedback system - Orbit360

All doctors working in NHS Wales have access to the Orbit360 patient and colleague feedback system. For most doctors this will provide the route to obtaining the minimum requirement of 1 colleague and 1 patient feedback exercise once per revalidation cycle. You should also, at each appraisal, reflect on any other sources of patient feedback you can access, that give you helpful information about your practice (such as unsolicited feedback). For the latest guidance on patient and colleague feedback during appraisal and for revalidation, you should read the GMC Supporting Information Guidance.

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