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Revalidation in Wales

Responsible Officer and Health Board Resources

This information and the related documents are of interest to Responsible Officers and their teams regarding the management of appraisal and revalidation processes. Other interested parties include Appraisal Co-ordinators and Leads, Appraisers, Doctors and the public.

In this section

Useful Information

Useful information relating to appraisal and revalidation in Wales.

RO Training and Induction

It is a requirement that all Responsible Officers in Wales undertake an RO training course. It is also recommended that ROs in Wales attend an induction to appraisal and revalidation policies and systems in Wales with the Revalidation Support Unit.

Appraiser Skills Training (AST)

The Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) has created an Interactive Appraiser Skills Training (AST) module for new and existing Appraisers

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