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Revalidation in Wales

Key documents

Key documents relating to appraisal and revalidation in Wales.

Some key documents are currently in the process of being reviewed and translated, if you require anything not included on this page please contact

GMC Resources

The GMC have a wide variety of resources to support Responsible Officers and their teams in understanding their role and to manage appraisal and revalidation.

These resources can all be accessed via their website.

In particular the following resources will be of interest:

Revalidation for Trainees

The GMC has published a leaflet on 'How doctors in training will revalidate', read it to find out more about the process.

Appraisal and Revalidation Resources developed in Wales

All Wales Medical Appraisal Policy

This high level policy document has been developed to support the implementation of local processes which are fit for purpose for revalidation, consistent, fair and add value in their own right.

Prescribed Connections

The GMC outlines that nearly every doctor will have a prescribed connection to a designated body, for the majority of doctors this will be very straight forward. However some doctors may find it difficult to establish a prescribed connection with any existing designated body and should therefore contact the GMC for further guidance.

If a doctor moves designated body it can be difficult for the new Responsible Officer to obtain enough information regarding that doctor for them to make a revalidation recommendation, particularly if the doctor moves fairly shortly before their revalidation date. A sub group of WRAG developed a Responsible Officer Information Flow Form  which needs to be completed by the doctor and the previous Responsible Officer. This form is then passed to the new Responsible Officer allowing them to become aware of any current issues etc.

Conflicts of Interest

This document outlines how to manage conflicts of interest between a doctor and an RO in the context of Revalidation.

Revalidation Support Unit Reports

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