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Revalidation in Wales

Allocated quarters

An Allocated Quarter (AQ) is the quarter of the year in which you would normally be expected to undertake your appraisal. 

MARS will automatically place you in an Allocated Quarter based on the information you provide during the registration process. 

The Allocated Quarters are January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. Your AQ should be around 9-12 months after your CCT date, this will allow you sufficient time to populate information for your appraisal while still ensuring you can undertake sufficient annual appraisals prior to your next revalidation date. There is a recommended 9 month minimum gap between appraisals to maximise the benefits of the appraisal. 

Your Designated Body, in liaison with the RSU, manage the Allocated Quarter protocol and change process, the system of Allocated Quarters was introduced to rationalise local delivery of appraisal and to optimise the capacity of each Appraiser. 

Your AQ will remain the same each year, if you have completed your appraisal late you should contact the appraisal & revalidation office in your Designated Body to determine when you should complete your next appraisal. 

You may need to postpone your appraisal due to extenuating circumstances, these include maternity leave, sabbaticals, ill health, compassionate leave etc. If you have experienced extenuating circumstances review our what if I can’t have my appraisal section.

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