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Revalidation in Wales

How to become an Appraiser

GP Appraiser Recruitment

 The usual recruitment process involves an advert placed on NHS jobs as well as an e-broadcast from MARS to all GPs informing them the advert is now live. It is a formal process, and anyone interested will need to apply, be shortlisted and have an interview/assessment.

If you are a GP and interested in becoming an Appraiser, please contact Although we routinely recruit GP Appraisers dependant on our capacity needs, we will add your details to a waiting list and contact you with further information when we are due to recruit.

GP Appraiser Training

Once successfully recruited GPs must undertake an online training module (MOAT) ahead of a two-day training course. As a GP Appraiser, individuals will be employed by Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW) in that role with a specified number of appraisal sessions attached.

It is also very important that Appraisers familiarise themselves with the Appraiser functions on the Medical Appraisal Revalidation System (MARS). MARS will be an Appraisers main tool for organising meetings and communicating with appraisees, as well as reviewing appraisal information and writing up the summary from the meeting. It is crucial that all Appraisers know how to use the system effectively. Further information is provided in the next section. 


Secondary Care Appraiser Recruitment

If you are a Secondary Care Doctor or working in any other specialty and are interested in becoming an Appraiser, please contact the appraisal and revalidation team for your employing organisation i.e. Health Board (HB) or Independent Designated Body (DB) . This may also involve an application and interview process.

If you would like the contact details for your appraisal and revalidation team, please contact

Secondary Care Appraiser Training

The Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) have created an Interactive Appraiser Skills Training (AST) module available via the HEIW Y Ty Dysgu platform. 

The aim is to provide introductory training of all new medical Appraisers across Wales, which will compliment any local training provided by your Health Board (HB) or Independent Designated Body (DB).

There is also signposting to additional resources and enhanced skills which you may find useful as an Appraiser.

If you would like more information on the role or would like to become an Appraiser, please get in touch with your local appraisal and revalidation team.

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