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2018 Regional Quality Assurance Event Highlights

Date: 26.02.18 


During 2018 the RSU provided two RQA events; St Asaph (OpTIC Centre) 18th October 2018 and Cardiff (All Nations Centre) 8th November. The aim of these events were to identify all Wales themes for improving and maintaining the outputs of appraisal. Appraisers in both primary and secondary care attended the events to review appraisal summaries against a new developed quality criteria .

In total a random sample of 148 summaries were marked for both primary and secondary care across all health boards exceeding the 4% minimum requirement. For the larger health boards summaries were pulled from a six month period compared to an eight month period for those with a lower proportion of completed summaries.

Using a new scoring criteria which was one of the 2016-17 RQA recommendations, the results of these events were not compared to those of previous years. Instead it was agreed these results would become the benchmarks for future quality assurance events.

The creation of a new Primary and Secondary care pre-event online calibration exercise was introduced in line with last year's recommendations . This calibration exercise was designed to assist appraisers in understanding and navigating the new criteria. 74% of this year's delegates rated the calibration video as good or excellent.

It was also agreed  scores  would not be compared against each other in Primary and Secondary care settings, instead the improvements for both Primary and Secondary care would be analysed on an individual basis.

Combined All Wales Score

Overall quality score of 65%

Primary Care

Overall quality score of 85%

Secondary Care

Overall quality score of 55%

The main recommendations to be taken forward in the All Wales Programme included:

2018 Event 

  • To consider a half day option.
  • To include a “Story telling impact” section
    to gather focused positive stories that have
    impacted appraisal

Appraiser Training 

  • To focus on professional context,
    constraints and WPA throughout 2019
    training opportunities
  • To introduce opportunities for DBs to
    showcase good practise at appraiser
    events, for example,local QA events,
    constraints feedback, appraiser training
  • Share grouping documentation for
    appraisers particularly for new appraisers
    and within secondary care specifically with
    the inception of New MARS


  • To consider “Professional Context” to be
    made mandatory on the appraisal
  • To Sync the random sampler on MARS
    with the appraisal input function to ensure
    any MARS changes are captured in the
    summaries for IQA and RQA.
  • The Criteria to be available to the Appraiser
    when completing an appraisal on MARS

Click HERE for a full copy of the 2017-18 All Wales Regional Quality Assurance Report and the key aims for 2019.




Quality Management

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2018 Regional Appraiser Conference

Date: 19.11.18 

rac pic

28.06.2018 & 06.07.2018

Cardiff City & Stadium Ramada Plaza Wrexham


The events were held in Cardiff and Wrexham for secondary care appraisers to attend, providing a mixture of presentations and workshops pertinent to their role.

The programme included an update from the RSU and the GMC, followed by workshops focussing on difficult scenarios. Numbers included; 74 for the South and 32 for the North.

A post event feedback form was circulated electronically to all attendees asking them to rate the presentations, workshops, venue and preparations etc.

The two presentations at the event “Patient Feedback Discussion “provided by the General Medical Council (GMC) provoked engaging discussions from both events, which is being fed into the GMC’s review of Patient Feedback. The “Revalidation Update” provided by the Revalidation Support Unit (RSU) was well received. 

There were various workshops at the events including “Reflective Practise”, Whole Practice Appraisal (WPA)” and “Difficult Scenarios”.  The workshops were rated very well and received positive comments including; “Positive reinforcement I am broadly doing the right thing”. “This was the best session with an engaging speaker, some very difficult topics” and Highlighted some issues that have already arisen in some of the appraisals I've done”.

When asked what attendees most enjoyed about the conference the highlights were the inclusion and content of the workshops and the ability for appraisers to network, share opinions and share experience with their peers regarding their roles. Feedback included:

“The most I enjoyed about the conference was the 2 workshops on reflective practice & whole appraisal. It was a real eye opener on various complex issues impacting the whole appraisal process. A very lively discussion took place about ways & means to address such situations”

“Very good interaction among different group of professional. There was an open and transparent discussion about important issues faced by all doctors and more particularly appraisers.

 “Friendly atmosphere conducive to learning. Much more informal than those I attended before. The layout was excellent & in my opinion, better than the Optic Centre possibly because there were less people there. Easier to get to than South Wales.”

“Positive atmosphere and hearing others experiences/questions”

The attendees were also asked to provide comments on how future events could be improved. Feedback included possibly finding a venue location nearer mid-west Wales for next year’s event (This is the plan for RAC 2019) and a possible discussion or workshop around the usage of the various domains on MARS and the PDP.

For a full report on the South Conference please click HERE , and for the North HERE.