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Revalidation in Wales

Returning to Appraisal

The Revalidation Support Unit has received confirmation from Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer/Medical Director NHS Wales, that the approved missed appraisal period for Doctors will come to an end on the 31st March.

From 1st April, appraisal will be reintroduced for all Doctors in Wales. It is acknowledged that supporting information may be more difficult to collect at this time and your Appraiser will be aware of this. The meeting can take place with a focus on wellbeing/support and any changes to practice as a result of the pandemic.

The following resources below remain available should there be any queries regarding appraisal this year.

Virtual appraisal continues to be an acceptable option until the end of 2021, for a face to face meeting with an Appraiser, please discuss this with them when arranging an appraisal. Both parties will need to agree to this format before proceeding.

Returning to Appraisal - a guide for Appraisees and Appraisers

Virtual Appraisal Guidance

All Doctors are expected to include essential supporting information, such as feedback, during their revalidation cycle, to be revalidated.

Please contact your Health Board Revalidation Team should you have any revalidation queries.

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