Secondary Care – Appraiser Training Events

In previous years, Secondary Care Appraiser Training has coincided with the Regional Quality Assurance event. Three combined Quality Assurance and Appraiser Training events were held per year and they took place in North, West and South Wales.

The Revalidation Support Unit has proposed a new training model where Quality Assurance and Appraiser Training will be held as two separate events. For Appraiser Training, there will be two Regional Appraiser Conferences (RAC) per year, one taking place in the summer and the other in the autumn. They will both be held in North Wales and South Wales respectively, and both will be alternated annually to East and West in the following year. The training will run as a half-day session with interactive workshops and relevant updates.

The benefits of attending the National Appraiser Training events will be:

  • Increased opportunities for Appraisers in secondary care to access support and training
  • Opportunities for local peer support and networking
  • Annual Refresher training around core topics with potential for updates from Key Stakeholders
  • Supports the drive for continuous improvements and consistency in appraisal

For further information on the Regional Appraiser Conferences, please click here RAC

Local Appraiser Training

As revalidation is evolving throughout Wales, various Health Boards are beginning to appoint Appraisal Leads with the aim of delivering appraisal training at a local level. If you wish to find out more about what is taking place in your area please contact your local Revalidation Manager. Contact details can be found here