Appraisal Quality Assurance Events

During 2018 the RSU provided two RQA events; St Asaph (OpTIC Centre) 18th October 2018 and Cardiff (All Nations Centre) 8th November 2018.  These ran during the morning sessions with a voluntary learning session making up the afternoon programme.

Appraisers in both primary and secondary care attended the events to review the outputs of appraisal by reviewing appraisal summaries against a new quality criteria for 2018.

A minimum of 4% of summaries were marked for of both primary and secondary care across all health boards. For the larger health boards, summaries were randomly selected that were agreed by the doctor between the 1st January 2018 and the 30th June 2018. Smaller health board summaries were randomly selected between the 1st October 2017 and the 30th June 2018, the wider timeframe being due to the lower volume of summaries being agreed.

In total a random sample of 148 (4.79%) summaries of both primary and secondary care summaries have been scored for analysis.

As 2018 would be the first year using a new scoring criteria the results of RQA will not be compared to those of previous years, instead it was agreed this year would become the benchmark for future quality assurance events. In addition it was also agreed that scores for Primary and Secondary care would not be compared against each other, instead the improvements for both Primary and Secondary care would be analysed on an individual basis.

For RQA 2018 a new pre-event online calibration exercise was also created to accompany the new scoring criteria with example summaries being created for both Primary and Secondary Care. The online module was designed to assist appraisers in understanding and navigating the new criteria in relation to the exercise of scoring both Primary care and Secondary Care Summaries.

The final report can be found here: