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Revalidation in Wales


GMC Advice Needs Further development Acceptable for revalidation Excellence to be aimed for


relevant to your work and active participation

Subject chosen irrelevant in doctors working environment

Subject chosen relevant to doctor’s role

Subject chosen has significant impact on the role the doctor is (or was in at the time work done)

Demonstration of improvement in care in the area will have significant impact on patient care

Robust and Systematic

Robust and systematic

No evidence of planning

Made to fit template after the event

Learning style not thought through and inappropriate for the skill required

Evidence of planning

Doctor has identified an area where care is suboptimal

Activity planned to suit the learning

Learning style appropriate for the activity

Considers Good Practice

so that good practice is maintained

Seems like a good thing but no actual evidence available

Not evidence based - no evidence exists or doctor has done something that has evidence against it

Doctor aware of the evidence to back up activity

Well researched evidence

Evidence discussed and put into context


this might be discussion with a peer, at team meetings

No thought of others in the team

Team excluded

Effect on others considered

Discussed with others on whom the activity might have impact

Plans to discuss with others in the team

Full discussion with team involved with patient care

Involvement of MDT

Shared with team

Reflection on impact of the activity on the team

Considers current practice

depends on the role you undertake and the work that you do

Not considered important

Not done

Measured current practice

Reflected on current process

Described current process

Doctor has considered current practice / measured it /audited it /

Reflected on why this is suboptimal

Outcome or Change

where possible demonstrate an outcome or change

Not clear what change made

No change made

Change clearly described

Intended change clearly described

Change in practice / process clearly described and reflected upon

Measurement of Change

New skill

New knowledge to put into practice

New system clearly described

Take Action

appropriate and in response to the results


No change - when would have expected there to be some

Effect described

Potential effect described

Clear recording of the effect change has made - with examples or reflection on effect of the change


improvement has occurred or good practice maintained

Cannot say if doctor is offering a better service as a result

Demonstrates an improvement in work

Work done clearly shows that the doctor is offering a better service as a result of the activity - easy to see this especially in terms of safety, improvements in care


What you did with the information, reflection on that information, what it says about your practice, how you intend to develop or modify your practice


Not done

Reflection on process

In-depth reflection on the activity - consideration of how this affects patients /teams /wider community

Consideration of next steps

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